Northern Landscape

Digital photo’s from my family vacation to the North of England. 

Exploring the North in Black&White

The old villages among the hills are a great source of inspiration and a beautiful escape from town/city life. We visited Delph with my grandmother. Shooting in the cemetery we were approached by an old man. We thought we were in trouble, but it turned out he was the gentleman taking care of the park and trying to get things to grow again. He came to apologise for the fact there were so many leaves

Exploring the North in Colour

Exploring the area around my Grandparents house. I have no solid memories of this place so every time I come here it’s like a new place to explore. The only thing I do remember well is the Tandle Hill Monument on top of the hill. So me and my brother decided we were going to make it up to the monument and look out over the neighbouring towns and the incredibly steep hills. Shot on

Expired Experiment

I found this roll of film in my boss’ basement. I decided to shoot it one day to see if it would be any good. Fuji Superia 100 120mm medium format film, Expired in July 1992. So I compensated 1 stop ISO (50)