Exploring the North in Black&White

The old villages among the hills are a great source of inspiration and a beautiful escape from town/city life. We visited Delph with my grandmother. Shooting in the cemetery we were approached by an old man. We thought we were in trouble, but it turned out he was the gentleman taking care of the park and trying to get things to grow again. He came to apologise for the fact there were so many leaves that the gravestones weren’t visible. Eventually he told us about the history of the town and the churches.

Someday I would love to live here.

Shot on Fomapan 100.



Decommissioned and Abandoned Church
Outlook from the Parsonage
Outlook from the Parsonage II
The sign of a great pint
Perfect Parsonage
Mother & Son
Highstreet II
View from the Cemetery
Shaky graves
19th century cemetery
The bridge that connects everything
The reservoir
House with a view
Rolling fog over the hills