Netherlands from above

Digital shots, view from a Cessna on a clear day above Lelystad, The Netherlands. A perfect display of our use of the landscape, and an impression of life above sea level.

Steichen Portraits

This series is based on a photograph taken by the great photographer Edward Steichen of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This shoot was my first time shooting and subsequently developing 4×5 negatives. I found it a real learning experience with beautiful result.


A triptych portrait of a baker.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 medium format film with a Mamiya 645 Pro TL.

Exploring this quirky little working class village, nestled in a hub for Maritime industry.


Experimentation is a large part of the work that I make. Besides striving to create something that is aesthetically interesting and able to raise questions, I challenge myself to learn new ways of achieving a photographic product.

What I did for the following selection of pictures was Push the film. What this means is that I took a standard roll of Fomapan 100 (ISO 100) and loaded in my camera. However I dialled my camera’s exposure in at ISO 400. This means I am exposing the film 2 stops above it’s recommended speed.

After this I also compensated the development time by multiplying the regular time for ISO 100 by 2.25. (in this case 8min became 18min.)

The result of pushing film is higher grain and contrast.


One Stop Shop

I’ve been exploring analog photography for a little over a year now. In this time I have been honing my skills as not only a photographer but also developer and artist in general. In this I have become fascinated with the idea of Shooting, developing and publishing in the same day and becoming a ‘ One Stop Shop’ so I am able to also help others with their photo’s.

Film: Agfa APX 100             Developer: Ilford DD-X

First shot – in the camera store

Remnants of snow

Parliament walls

Old among new

Old among new

Wrong moment



Look Up


Look Up II



Empty II



Empty III

Empty IV

No more travels I

No more travels II

No more travels III

No more travels IV

No more travels V





Pathway I

Pathway II

Pathway III

Sunkiss I

First Flowers

Rocket Ship I

Rocket Ship II

Exploring the North in Black&White

The old villages among the hills are a great source of inspiration and a beautiful escape from town/city life. We visited Delph with my grandmother. Shooting in the cemetery we were approached by an old man. We thought we were in trouble, but it turned out he was the gentleman taking care of the park and trying to get things to grow again. He came to apologise for the fact there were so many leaves that the gravestones weren’t visible. Eventually he told us about the history of the town and the churches.

Someday I would love to live here.

Shot on Fomapan 100.



Decommissioned and Abandoned Church


Outlook from the Parsonage

Outlook from the Parsonage II

The sign of a great pint

Perfect Parsonage

Mother & Son

Highstreet II

View from the Cemetery

Shaky graves

19th century cemetery

The bridge that connects everything

The reservoir

House with a view

Rolling fog over the hills

Exploring the North in Colour

Exploring the area around my Grandparents house. I have no solid memories of this place so every time I come here it’s like a new place to explore. The only thing I do remember well is the Tandle Hill Monument on top of the hill. So me and my brother decided we were going to make it up to the monument and look out over the neighbouring towns and the incredibly steep hills.

Shot on Agfa 200.




Ilford – February/March

While exploring Analog photography you start to learn qualities in the film you use, and start choosing specific rolls accordingly.   Ilford film is by far my favourite black and white film I have used, especially the Delta 400 and HP5. Both great all purpose film’s.

I have shot about 4 to 5 rolls this month. These selected shots are my personal favourite, in no particular order. (Available in Print. Message me for inquiries.)  


Decisive Moment – Monochrome Analog Photography

As of October 2017 I started exploring analog photography. Armed with a late ’60s Ricoh, which I bought for 40 euros, I dove into the world of film. As a photographer I was always impressed by people who managed to take amazing photographs without being able to instantly review and change their photo’s until it’s right. ‘The Decisive Moment’ as explained by Henri-Cartier Bresson is one of the things I have really focused on. This collection of images are some of my favourite ‘Decisive’ photos.

One of my favourite museums. I wanted to make an almost Postcard like photograph. When I saw how this turned out I was impressed.

Contemplating an Escape

This was the perfect moment to take this photo. Look at every person, there’s something going on everywhere.

This is a Swan being manhandled into a special bag, to be taken to an animal rescue. But the animal was very strong and reluctant to be saved.

Industry – This piece is a callback to my digital work where I use back lighting and the silhouette’s that come with it to create a new mood and idea.

Abundance near Chinatown – The entrance to Chinatown relegated to bike parking.

Pairs in Repetition

Polluted silhouette – The irony of light pollution back lighting clean energy with the power lines running underneath.


Set in the past – A lunch time snapshot that could have been made 50 years ago at first glance



Camera: Ricoh Singlex TLS

Film: Ilford HP5 400, Ilford Plus 125, Ilford Delta 400 & Kodak 400 TX

Locations: Den Haag, Rotterdam, Berkel.


If you want to start shooting film as well there are many good Youtube videos that will teach you, but digging into there theory and processes is really worth your while if you are passionate. You can find pretty cheap camera’s like this on