Author: Ryan Hoogweg

Ryan Hoogweg is a 23 year old Photographer from The Netherlands. All Rights Reserved © Ryan Hoogweg
25th March 2019 Off By Ryan Hoogweg


Experimentation is a large part of the work that I make. Besides striving to create something that is aesthetically interesting and able to raise questions, I challenge myself to learn new ways of achieving a photographic product. What I did for the following selection of pictures was Push the film. What this means is that I took a standard roll of Fomapan 100 (ISO 100) and loaded in my camera. However I dialled my camera’s…

18th February 2019 Off By Ryan Hoogweg


Recently I have experienced emotions I haven’t felt in a long time, and ones I can’t deal with in the way I would like to. Writing and photography have always been an outlet. Recently I saw an exhibition called ‘The Universal Photographer’ which had elements of text and images combined. This inspired be to take old prints of analog photos, made on cheap drawing paper, and typing little poems in English and Dutch off the…

18th February 2019 Off By Ryan Hoogweg

One Stop Shop

I’ve been exploring analog photography for a little over a year now. In this time I have been honing my skills as not only a photographer but also developer and artist in general. In this I have become fascinated with the idea of Shooting, developing and publishing in the same day and becoming a ‘ One Stop Shop’ so I am able to also help others with their photo’s. Film: Agfa APX 100     …

12th February 2019 Off By Ryan Hoogweg

A Quiet Place I

I experience ghost sounds in my deafest ear, things like clicks, beeps, hissing sounds etc. Because of these sounds I cannot experience complete silence anymore. If I am in a completely silent room, within minutes it will become difficult because I cannot focus on anything else but those sounds.  For this reason I started going for walks in nature areas. These places always gave me peace of mind, but the wind through the trees became…